Industrial Pumps

Deliver Capacity up to 90 m³/h
Delivery Pressure up to 130 bar

S-Tube Piston Pump KIP 25

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S-Tube Piston Pump KIP 42

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S-Tube Piston Pump KIP 98 with agitator in the pump hopper

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Hydraulically driven piston pumps, with S-Tube technology, are well proven in the heavy construction world.
More than 100.000 pumps are being used with the 100% operators  satisfaction.
This kind of pump is the correct choice for industrial applications.
The KLEIN Industrial Pump is used for the following difficult sludge and slurry applications:
• Biosolids with a dry solid content up to 40%
• Biomass and expired food
• Alternative fuels in the cement industry
• Pumping Tailings in Mining and Muck in Tunnel construction
• Waste products in the chemical industry
• Sediments from dredging